Why Facebook is Your Best Bet at Making Your Business the Next Big Thing

Why Facebook Is Your Best Bet At Making Your Business The Next Big Thing

Facebook! Really? We would imagine that was your reaction when you read the title. You probably scrolled around to find the date this article was published to make sure you are on the right page. Yes, you are on the right page, and yes even today in the age of Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Snapchat, Facebook remains a dominant figure in business marketing and promotion as a social media platform. Allow us to elaborate.

Recent rankings based on a survey carried out by The Future of Social Marketing team have placed Facebook as the top driver of return on interest among other social networks. 95.8% of the participants responded in favor of Facebook putting it above Instagram and Twitter which garnered 63.5% and 40.1% respectively; making Facebook the most effective social media marketing tool.

Still not convinced? There is more.

Strength In Numbers 

Numbers never lie and the numbers place Facebook as the most popular social network on a global scale. With 1.4 billion users, 900 million of whom visit the site daily and 2.5 billion monthly, it is undoubtedly still the most used social network. No social media platform comes close.

All Demographics incorporated 

These numbers give your business a substantial online presence to every kind of person. As a gateway social media platform, Facebook reaches all kinds of demographics no matter the age, race, gender, and so on; this means that just by doing the bare minimum you can never miss an audience. But with Facebook you can do more than just reach an audience, all you need to know is how to tackle the algorithmic mechanisms.

Top Dollar Algorithmic System to Help You Target Prospective Clientele 

With the fundamental system of its user registration, Facebook can acquire user information relevant to your business and send them news feeds directing them to your content. However, Facebook has tools to fast-track visitors to your business page through Facebook ads. At a minimal fee, Facebook enables you to share your content to a specified target clientele based on their online information including; location, age, gender, religion, and interests.

Facebook has even made it easier to reach a significantly larger audience with just a single click; Facebook groups.

Facebook groups bring lots of users that share a similar interest, agenda, or demographic to a single page where every user gets the same feeds. You can strategically join groups that are relevant to your business, offer expert advice, and watch as users respond by visiting your site and sharing your content.

And it does not end there. By driving traffic through your pages Facebook gives you the ability not only to generate brand awareness but also create proper leads and improve your SEO rankings through online engagement produced from your Facebook page.

As you begin your journey towards online marketing success, you will need a way to measure that success. Guess what, Facebook provides the metrics for that as well! By utilizing Facebook’s analytics features accessible through the menu you can analyze your business’s ROI performance based on content and customer engagement, so you can know whether it actually works. Need we say more?

Go out there and make your business the next big thing!


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