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seo coaching

empowers small business success

Is your website sitting there, dead in cyberspace, not bringing you any leads? Let’s change that!

Working together, through one on one, completely customized sessions, The SEO Coach demystifies the seemingly confusing process SEO experts have couched their profession in. Clients will leave our sessions feeling relieved and satisfied at the ease of understanding how SEO works. Confusion clears and a path forward emerges for you to implement a successful strategy to grow your website’s traffic which translates into more leads for you. Not sure what an SEO Coach is? Check out this article!

the seo coach works with you through…

seo strategy

For long term growth of your site, a comprehensive strategy is crucial.

link building

For your integrity, we only teach white-hat link building strategies.


Follow our guidance, and watch your rank soar to the first page.

The SEO Coach helps you set up tracking tools.

traffic monitoring

We’ll help you set up the necessary tools for successful tracking.

Money Pages!

money pages

We’ll focus on those pages that bring you the money!

social media

Connecting the right social media platform for your audience.

keyword search

Research the keywords and phrases that will drive traffic to your site.

site optimization

Know how to word your content to optimize the search.

the seo coach’s clients say…

Based on 7 reviews
Blane McCurdy
Blane McCurdy
September 7, 2022.
Michelle is wonderful! The best part is she teaches you how to do your own SEO verses having to pay a company to do it every month. She teaches you how to take control.
Wes Nes Key
Wes Nes Key
September 7, 2022.
Michelle is incredibly nice and knowledgeable about SEO and how to increase the traffic on your website! This has helped me improve my business in ways that exceeded my expectations!
Joanette Aird
Joanette Aird
September 1, 2022.
Michelle is very knowledgeable and great! She is helping me take my biz to the next level.
Judy Lane Boyer
Judy Lane Boyer
August 16, 2022.
Michelle is passionate about helping her clients with what can be a daunting but essential topic--SEO. She WANTS to go the extra mile to demystify SEO for small business owners and make sure they understand it so they aren't wasting money by throwing it at a marketing company and hoping for results without having a clue about what's going on.
Shiloh Hobby
Shiloh Hobby
March 11, 2022.
Michelle is very professional and helpful. Her SEO coaching has been very helpful - she explains everything and makes sure you understand the why behind it. She also helped with my website design and it looks outstanding. Thank you Michelle!!
Jennifer Hunter
Jennifer Hunter
January 12, 2022.
Michelle is very reasonable with pricing and her time. She makes sure her clients understand how do work their websites. This is much more useful than paying someone to do it then never knowing what they did.
Team Dau
Team Dau
September 23, 2021.
My session with Michelle was Magnificent! She knows her stuff. She laser focused on the immediate issue and gently guided me to fix it. She explained the complicated very simply and respectfully which is a sign that she is well educated in her field. I highly recommend her!

let’s get started ranking your website!

The SEO Coach has your lead generation covered with multiple packages to fit your needs. Want to learn how to do your own SEO? Let me coach you. Need a boost to get started? Let’s do a consultation. Want me to do it for you? We can do that too!

Any way you go, The SEO Coach will bring more qualified leads to your site!


Not sure if our services are for you? No problem! Let’s do a 15 minute discovery call and find out if we are the right fit!


Did you meet The SEO Coach at a networking event, and want to schedule a 1:1? We would love to hear more about your business, and get to know you!

frequently asked questions

what is an seo coach?

An SEO Coach works with you on your SEO, instead of for you. I empower you by helping you to understand the what’s and why’s of search engine optimization.

will you do my seo for me?

Yes! The SEO Coach is also co-owner of Austin Marketing Agency. We have a full time locally based staff to get your website ranked fast, so you can bring in qualified leads and start making money! Call 512-608-7780, or Schedule a Discovery Call today, and find out how we can best serve you. 

what do you mean by customized?

Customized means multiple things for our sessions. I work on most CMS platforms, so if you have WordPress, Wix, Shopify, or SquareSpace, you’re covered! We also customize the components of your sessions, so if you are a complete newbie, we’ll spend some time making sure you understand exactly what SEO is. If you are fairly proficient at SEO, we go into more advanced topics such as schema markup.

what happens in a session?

All of our transactions are completely customized around your experience, business, and goals. We will discuss these in our initial consultation, and I’ll provide a clear roadmap to your SEO empowerment and success!

All sessions are conducted through Zoom in screensharing mode for the optimal learning experience where you do the work and The SEO Coach expertly guides you.

do you create websites?

Why yes, we do! We also redesign, tweak, and offer a plethora of other services through

What makes The SEO Coach different?

The SEO Coach is redefining SEO one client at a time. We have uncovered and squashed multiple myths that SEO agencies keep perpetuating, such as the big one, you must write many, many blog posts in order to rank your site. We like to call this tactic Death by a Thousand Blogs. Want to know more? Schedule a discovery call today.