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the seo coach empowers small business success

Through one on one, completely customized sessions, the SEO Coach demystifies the often confusing language SEO experts have couched their profession in. Clients will leave our sessions feeling relieved and satisfied at the ease of understanding how SEO works. Confusion clears and a path forward emerges for you to implement a successful strategy to grow your website’s traffic which translates into more leads for you. Not sure what an SEO Coach is? Check out this article!

the seo coach guides you through…

seo strategy

For long term growth of your site, a comprehensive strategy is crucial.

link building

For your integrity, we only teach white-hat link building strategies.


Follow our guidance, and watch your rank soar to the first page.

The SEO Coach helps you set up tracking tools.

traffic monitoring

We’ll help you set up the necessary tools for successful tracking.


We’ll make sure the search engines have up to date sitemaps

social media

Connecting the right social media platform for your audience.

keyword search

Research the keywords and phrases that will drive traffic to your site.

site optimization

Know how to word your content to optimize the search.

the seo coach’s clients say…

“Michelle was super patient with me!”

I knew little to nothing when we started, but Michelle guided me with the patience of a saint!

“My sites rank shot up in less than a week!”

With just a few tweaks, my site’s rank went from page three to page one in less than a week! I can’t wait to implement more changes.

“I’ve been pouring money into SEO companies for years.”

I was a bit skeptical about Michelle’s offerings since I’ve worked with so many SEO companies. Her approach was so different, I decided to give learning SEO on my own a try. In the first session, she explained what search engines look for, and helped me take over my site!

let’s get started ranking your website!

Every 1 hour session booked is completely customized to fit your needs.











frequently asked questions

what is an seo coach?

An SEO Coach works with you on your SEO, instead of for you. I empower you by helping you to understand the what’s and why’s of search engine optimization.

will you do my seo for me?

Yes! But that’s not why you are here. I’m here to work alongside you, to teach you, to guide you to a successful SEO campaign!

what happens in a session?

All of our transactions are completely customized around your experience, business, and goals. We will discuss these in our initial consultation, and I’ll provide a clear roadmap to your SEO empowerment and success!

do you create websites?

Why yes, we do! We also redesign, tweak, and offer a plethora of other services through