What is SEO Coaching?

frequently asked questions

what is an seo coach?

An SEO Coach works with you on your SEO, instead of for you. I empower you by helping you to understand the what’s and why’s of search engine optimization.

will you do my seo for me?

Yes! But that’s not why you are here. I’m here to work alongside you, to teach you, to guide you to a successful SEO campaign!

how many sessions will I need?

Since each client is unique the number of sessions is also unique. If you know practically nothing about SEO, I do recommend you start with either 3 or 4 sessions. During our initial consultation, we will decide how many sessions will be optimal for your situation.

can you coach someone on my staff?

Absolutely! I understand what it’s like to be a business owner, and our time is a commodity. I can train either one person, or multiple staff memebers, so you can focus on the business of running your company.

There are multiple benefits to training your staff to do inhouse SEO.

  • One, they have a passion for and understand your company. Plus, they have access to you!
  • Two, is the considerable savings over hiring an SEO. Instead of paying thousands for someone to do a few hours of work each month, you are paying your staff.
what happens in a session?

All of our transactions are completely customized around your experience, business, and goals. We will discuss these in our initial consultation, and I’ll provide a clear roadmap to your SEO empowerment and success!

The key to our sessions is the hands-on training you receive. I use Zoom which has a robust screen share option. I will watch and guide you through every step.

do you create websites?

Why yes, we do! We also redesign, tweak, and offer a plethora of other services through dragonflydigital.is.

Can you help me create a website?

Yes! My passion is teaching, and one of my expertise is website creation. I can help you with everything from planning the layout and implementing it, to choosing your domain name, to setting up hosting, to migrating an existing website. Pretty much anything a digital marketing agency can do, I can teach you. And just like the SEO sessions, I will be with you teaching you through hands on training!

What industries do you coach?

Simply put, if you have a website, I can coach you on implementing SEO. I can also coach you on your Google Business Profile, directory listings, and social media platforms.

If you have a local buisness, such as landscaping, roofing, plumbing, painting, etc, local SEO is crucial. I can coach you or someone on your staff on how to bring in more leads through SEO.