The SEO Coach Case Studies

Check out the case studies below! Most of the SEO Coach’s clients see a significant jump in their numbers within the first month. That’s right! The first month. This is because during our 1:1, hands on sessions, we are literally doing the work, we are updating their site. This is one of the first lessons we learn, update, revise, add – just do something!

e-Commerce Website

Through a combination of social media ads and organic search results, this site went from 931 visits a month to 4729. This increase in visits resulted in an almost doubling of their sales during the same time period from last year from $46,280 to $86,874.

Alternative Medicine Website

Prior to working with The SEO Coach, this site had never gotten any clients from their website. Within the first month, they got two new clients in one day, and have since picked up three more. With a minimum client commitment of $1600 this equals more than $8000 in revenue where before there was none!

Blogging Website

Through a combination of website redesign and SEO Coaching, in just 4 months, we were able to almost double the visits to this popular blogging website from 7070 a month to 13746 and it’s still climbing. This jump resulted in a significant increase in income from their Google AdSense campaign and applications for advertising on the site.

Therapy Website

The SEO Coach began working with this website owner at the beginning of 2022, and they have seen a steady growth since the initial jump. The increase in traffic has resulted in multiple new clients for this practice, specifically in group therapy appointments which is the main keyword we targeted.