SEO Doesn’t Work – If You’re Using the Wrong Strategy

Hey there! Let’s chat about something super important if you’re trying to bring in qualified leads or make sales through your website. It all comes down to the strategy you use, and if you’re not using the right one, it’s a big ol fail for your SEO efforts. I see a lot of small businesses fall into this trap. It’s like death by a thousand blog posts out there. Let me clear that up for you!


The Great Divide: Blog SEO vs. Small Business SEO

Imagine two roads in the SEO world. One is packed with blogs chasing after every keyword under the sun, trying to answer every question ever asked. That’s your Blog SEO lane. It’s all about getting eyes on the page and making money off ads. You’re throwing information out there and hoping someone sticks around long enough to click an ad or two.


Then, there’s the road that’s a bit off the beaten path, but way more profitable for small businesses like yours. This is the Small (or any ol size business!) Business SEO lane. It’s not about getting just any traffic; it’s about getting the right kind of traffic. We’re talking people ready to pull out their wallets and dive into what you’re offering, whether it’s a product, a service, or signing up for more info.


What Doesn’t Work: Blog SEO

A lot of SEO experts and companies will tell you to pump out content. “Content is king!” they’ll say. But here’s the thing—they’re nudging you down the Blog SEO path. It’s a lot of effort for traffic that’s just there for information, not buying. Remember what we’re dealing with here: death by a thousand blog posts. It’s a slow fade for your business goals if you’re not careful.


What Works Instead: Money Page Keywords

What you want is to hit those profit keywords or money page keywords. These are the golden tickets that connect directly with what you’re selling or offering. When someone searches using these terms, they’re not just curious; they’re considering opening their wallet. And that’s the traffic you want.


How to Nail Small Business SEO

So, how do you avoid the death by a thousand blog posts scenario? Simple:


  • Zero in on those money page keywords. Think about what your ideal customer is typing into Google when they’re ready to buy or learn more about your services.
  • Give them the content they’ve asked for. Ensure your content speaks directly to those money page keywords and answers your potential customers’ burning questions.
  • Don’t forget about your neighborhood. Local SEO is your best friend if you’re serving folks in a specific area. Make sure Google knows where you are and what you offer.
  • It’s all about those clicks. Traffic is great, but actions are better, so make sure you have plenty of CTAs (Calls to Action)


Remember, it’s not about casting the widest net with Blog SEO; it’s about casting the right one with Small Business SEO. Avoid the dreaded death by a thousand blog posts by focusing on bringing in the folks who are ready to engage with your business. Trust me, a little focus goes a long way, and your bottom line will thank you for it. Here’s to getting your business in front of the right eyes and making those conversions count!


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