SEO Coaching

For Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

SEO Coaching

Think of me as your seo trainer!

As your SEO Coach, I am there with you every step of the way while you’re learning SEO. Our 1:1 sessions start off customized, and remain so throughout. During our sessions you are screen sharing, and doing the work while I guide you through every step in the process.

Will you teach me how to learn to do seo?

Yes! I know it’s shocking and a bit different, but I’m here to actually teach you how to do SEO. I love to empower my clients, and I do this through my passion of teaching. I believe firmly that knowledge is power. 

What types of industries do you serve?

Because you are the expert in your business, I serve pretty much any type of industry. During our SEO coaching sessions, I make sure you have a comfortable grasp of exactly what SEO is, and what your clients and search engines are looking for. With that solid base, we work on optimizing your website using several tools that make the process a lot less stressful!

Check out our FAQ page for a list of commonly asked questions.

Better yet, schedule an initial consultation if you have any questions, or especially if you’d like to get started doubling, even tripling your website visitors!

the seo coach’s clients say…

“Michelle was super patient with me!”

I knew little to nothing when we started, but Michelle guided me with the patience of a saint!

“My sites rank shot up in less than a week!”

With just a few tweaks, my site’s rank went from page three to page one in less than a week! I can’t wait to implement more changes.

“I’ve been pouring money into SEO companies for years.”

I was a bit skeptical about Michelle’s offerings since I’ve worked with so many SEO companies. Her approach was so different, I decided to give learning SEO on my own a try. In the first session, she explained what search engines look for, and helped me take over my site!

let’s get started ranking your website!

Every session booked is completely customized to fit your needs.

2 Monthly Payments