Twitter! The Marketing Tool You Did Not Know You Needed

Twitter! The Marketing Tool You Did Not Know You Needed

Twitter and marketing are not words that are commonly used in one sentence. However, as one of the most popular social networks in the world, of course, there has to be a bunch of smart, tech-savvy individuals who would figure out a way to utilize this popularity for profit. With online traffic that reaches up to 330 million users a month, Twitter has helped businesses owners reach and connect with a vast range of potential customers; thus aiding businesses achieve immense success in online marketing and brand promotion. This could be your business, but first, you need to ask yourself three fundamental questions. Why? Who? and How?

Why Twitter? 

It is all in the numbers, spotting more than 300 million visitors a month, Twitter enables businesses to connect with a vast audience of prospective clients. Its algorithmic design allows businesses to use the platform to create brand awareness while also interacting with their prospects. This means the generation of strong leads, increased sales, and ultimately a stout community of clients loyal to a brand. Nonetheless, with such a vast audience and the infinite possibilities of the Twitter verse, it becomes important to know who your target audience is.

Who Do I Target?

Having a defined target audience gives your business quality over quantity which translates to a significant return on interest. The myriads of users that pass by Twitter daily entail demographics with shared similarities and interests which also form a differentiation factor from other demographics. For a business owner on Twitter, the important demographics to consider include; location, age, gender, education, and income.

For instance, an airline business owner in Arizona using Twitter for their marketing endeavors needs to consider the above factors in the following sense: the target clients should be people traveling, into, out of or through Arizona; of an age that can afford airplane tickets ranging from 21 years and above; of either gender and of above-average education level and income. This helps the business owner ensure that the people they are marketing their business to understand, can afford, and will at some point be in the position to use their services, thus making strong prospective clients.

But how do you get these prospective clients?

How Do I Use Twitter to Promote My Business?

Set up a Twitter business profile, it is that simple. You can hack this using the following easy steps:

  • Sign in on Twitter like you would a personal account. This is where you pick out a short and sweet Twitter handle that goes with your brand name. That will be useful for mentions as other Twitter users talk about your brand online and promote your business.
  • Upload the relevant profile pictures on the slots designated to you as you sign in. We recommend brand logos to give your prospects a sense of your professionalism.
  • Finally write a concise bio that explains candidly what your business is about, its location, and relevant links for better accessibility.

And that is it, you are all set and can now use your Twitter account to take over the online marketing scene like a pro.

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