Which Social media platform is Best for My business

Which Social Media Platform is Best for My Business?

Social media has swiftly become a fundamental business marketing tool in this digital age; but with so many options to choose from, you must have asked yourself, “What are the best social media platforms for business?” And if you think this article will answer that question for you, then you are right! Read on to find out the best social medial platforms for business.

The simple answer to that question is; there is no social media site that is best for any business, but there is a social media site that is best for your business. Confused? Allow us to elaborate.

The following are the most popular social media sites globally with their estimated number of active monthly users:

  1. Facebook– 2.5 Billion
  2. YouTube- 2 Billion
  3. Instagram- 1 Billion
  4. Tik Tok- 1 Billion
  5. Snapchat- 347.3 Million
  6. Twitter- 330 Million
  7. Pinterest– 300 Million
  8. LinkedIn- 250 Million
  9. Yelp- 175 Million

    With the number of users displayed on that list it may seem pretty obvious which is the best social media platform for your business, but is it? When it comes to social media for business marketing, we recommend quality over quantity. By quality we mean a high return on investment based on the investment made on the platform you choose. The most popular social media platform may give your business exposure to the widest audience and thus the highest number of prospective clients, but if they do not respond accordingly then the return on investment would range from significantly low to nothing.

    Therefore, it all comes down to two simple words, “The Brand.” The brand that your business identifies with is significant in determining your intended marketing message, promotion strategy, and ultimately your target audience.

    For instance; if your brand deals in the latest trends in shoes and clothing, the target audience would be a relatively youthful demographic between the age of 15 to 26. For such a category Instagram or TikTok are the best bet, as they appeal more to a larger Gen Z audience compared to the rest of the social media platforms. The fact that they are video and picture based platforms add to their usability aspect which is a great plus in accessing its target audience.

    In a different scenario, if your business identifies as a corporate institution whose mode of operation entails transacting with other businesses, then LinkedIn is the most ideal social media platform; considering that this the largest social media site with users that specialize in professional connections.

    Different demographics subscribe to different social media platforms based on factors such as age, gender, usability, and so on, thus the quality of your content should aim to appeal to your target market from the word ‘post’. Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are picture based sites, YouTube and TikTok are video based social media platforms, whereas LinkedIn and Twitter are content based platforms. This differentiation will determine who clicks on your product online despite how many views and likes its gets.

    So, “Which social media platform is best for my business?” the answer is the social media platform that resonates with your target audience in terms demographic in relation to the type of content you share. Once you have the right idea of who you are selling to, it is a guarantee that your social media platform of choice will give you results exceeding your wildest expectations.

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