Seven Sensational Reasons to Use Pinterest for your eCommerce Business

Why should you use Pinterest for eCommerce buiness? Let’s start with an expanation of what exactly is Pinterest? Remember, or maybe you don’t, bookmarks on your browser? You would find a site or page you liked, and you click the bookmark. Sounds great in theory, but the bookmarks are small, and hard to read and organize. Pinterest to the rescue! It’s a visual version of bookmarks. Still not clear? Think about that ideas folder or journal you (or someone you know) keep, or magazine clippings for a project, or maybe even a bulletin board. You get the idea! This is Pinterest, only virtually. You are bookmarking sites and webpages, but you are also “pinning” them on boards you’ve created. What does this have to do with your eCommerce business? Read on to find out!   

1 – It’s a Visual Search Engine. 

Meaning, instead of the text description you get from Google or other search engines, you get visuals in the form of pins. Visuals of your product to be specific! Not only images, but they can be videos too. Pinterest has technology to “read” your visual, so make sure it counts. Also, because it’s a search engine, your boards, and pins have the ability to reach outside your followers. With Facebook, you are limited to your followers, unless someone shares your post. With Pinterest on the other hand, you not only have your followers, but Pinterest could pick up the pin, and add it to the main search page for a category just like Google or the other search engines do. 

 2 – Massive Purchasing Potential. 

93% of users say they use Pinterest to plan a purchase. That’s huge! The normal buying journey begins when a pinner will first “gather” pins for inspiration, then they will go back at a later time and sort through the pins figuring out which is best for their particular need. And bingo, you have a buy! This is one of the ways you can sell your product on Pinterest. Also, it’s great for impulse buys. The average purchase on pinterest is $50. That makes it the highest of all the social media platforms. 

 3. Unlimited Depth of Content. 

This is a little confusing, but once you understand the potential, it’s huge! Basically, Pinterest is broken down into Pins and Boards. You can create the initial Buy It pin from your product, then you can create pins (images or videos) on the different ways to use your product. You can link back to a blog post you’ve created on how to best use it. Or maybe one of your clients has created some content regarding your product. You can create an idea board for your product, or maybe set up a competition board for the most creative uses of your product. The possibilities are endless!  

 4. Pinterest “Buy It” Pins for eCommerce. 

This is one of the best reasons to use Pinterest for eCommerce business. You can actually sell your product directly from Pinterest. The buyer can view, and purchase directly without ever leaving. How easy is that for your consumer? Talk about taking advantage of impulse buys! Not to mention the potential for repins or speciality boards your product can be seen on! Read Number 3.  

5. Unbranded Searches. 

80% of weekly users have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest. What does that mean for you? It means you aren’t competing with the big name brands. Pinterest users are looking for something new. That’s you! Pinners are searching for ideas, or concepts, not specific brands. How do we know this? According to Pinterest, 97% of top Pinterest searches are unbranded. 

6. Quick and Easy. 

Pinterst makes it easy to create “Buy It” pins, and creating a different type of pin is super easy too! Best part? Your content should and can be minimal. A great image, and a few words or bulletin points is all you need. Plus, Pinterest has amazing tutorials to help you create your first pin. Once you’ve created one, it only gets easier. 

7. Pinterest for eCommerce is Great for SEO. 

The very best part for me as The SEO Coach is that all of this links back to your website!! Wow. Pinterest is the only social media network that actively encourages linking to your website, and especially your products. This means backlinks and potentially lots of views for your website as the average pin drives 2 visits and 6 page views! 

Check back on this page because I’ll be adding more great reasons to use Pinterest for eCommerce Business! 

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