Instagram! A Social Media Marketing Gold Mine

Instagram! A social Media Marketing Goldmine

With an average audience of 1 billion users a month and still growing, gold is the right metaphor for Instagram as a valuable social media platform. And just like gold, to tap into Instagram’s value you have to know how to use it to get the best value for money in terms of return on interest.

Think about it, is it not curious that an online platform designed fundamentally for sharing photos and socializing holds such potential for business growth in marketing?

We thought so too, which is why we dug deeper into this matter and we struck gold; with the how and why Instagram is the most valuable social media platform for online marketing today. Here is a hint, three keywords; simplicity, accessibility, and engagement.

Read on to find out more about why Instagram is your best bet at taking your business to the next level and how you can use it to achieve that.



From its primary purpose, Instagram is among the most simplistic social media platforms. Basically, because it entails scrolling through photos and short videos, liking the ones you find intriguing, and moving past the ones that do not tickle your fancy.


This ease to use can be significantly manipulated for maximum marketing output. All you need to do is make a plan of action that fundamentally entails defining your brand, and with that identifying your target audience. You can then proceed to set up an Instagram business account which should entail an optimized profile that should be simple to the eye yet captivating enough. And finally, begin your marketing onslaught with visually compelling content relevant to your business.



Instagram is a mobile platform that comes as a major plus during this age where smartphones are a 24/7 accessory. It would interest you to know that 80% of social media usage is done on smartphones. This means that an Instagram account for a business increases prospective client access significantly; because if someone wanted to search for a product they will turn to their phone first.


Everyone is looking for convenience these days and with an Instagram business account, you can take advantage of this sense of accessibility to influence positive client responsiveness to your business. By using well-timed posts added with the Instagram app’s facilities such as the Instagram shop button and the direct contact link feature, you give your clients a convenient shopping alternative.



Instagram’s ease-to-use and access make it quite captivating for the more than a billion users a month that visit the app. These users keep coming back and it is because they feel a connection with the content they subscribe to. This can be your content.


There is a myriad of features conveniently designed by the tech-savvy Instagram creators that you could use to engage and charm your Instagram audience for the ultimate social media marketing results.

That includes Instagram Ads, partnering with influencers, captivating hashtags, live Instagram videos, Instagram stories, response to online feedback, gift card buttons, and count-down stickers.

These features keep your audience excited and in anticipation of your product giving them a sense of connection and belonging to your brand. And that is a guaranteed foundation for marketing success that has been tried, tested, and confirmed to work.

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